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Johnson is featured artist in magazine

Posted Date: 11/20/2020

Johnson is featured artist in magazine

Pittsburg High School Art Instructor, Duane Johnson, is one of the featured artists in the Fall/Winter issue of Creative Artist Magazine.  Mr. Johnson has an eight page spread showcasing his “Baked Not Fried” series along with his flag design flown ar Rockefeller Center and a digital image dealing with Covid-19.  The magazine is currently at the printer and will be available soon.


From Creative Artist Magazine

I want to thank all the beautiful and super talented artists that shared their art and stories.  Full of happiness and joy inspiring the world with their wonderful journeys. Staying connected through tough times and sending a message of Hope.


We are proud to feature so many skilled and talented artists in our Fall/Winter 2020 issue.  Artist from across the USA that include:

Annick Duvivier, Rell Nice, Shannon Taggart, Cose TDS, Duane Johnson, Leia Sands, Jazz in Pink, featuring Gail Jhonson, Mark Ridley and Trevor aka English!  Introducing the dynamic duo Windy & Pauline "Heating Things Up!”