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PHS Class of 2020 Graduation





The administration and staff of PHS is excited to conduct the 2020 graduation ceremony on May 29, at 8 p.m..  Due to the current restrictions and guidelines issued by government agencies, the ceremony will look different this year.  We ask all our guests and students to comply with the school’s requests, so our students and families can enjoy this occasion safely.

The ceremony will be filmed and streamed online “live” via youtube.  A link will be posted on the school’s website and district’s Facebook page.
Inclement weather:
We will try to have graduation Friday night if possible, even if it means waiting out any inclement weather. We will communicate on our Facebook page weather updates.
If there is bad weather and we cannot conduct the ceremony on Friday, May 29, at 8PM, we will move it to Saturday at 9AM or 8PM depending on the most favorable forecast.  

Guests must have a ticket to enter the graduation ceremony, unfortunately tickets will not be available to the public, only graduating students will receive tickets. Due to the guidelines and restrictions imposed by the state, each student will be able to have up to four guests inside the stadium. Tickets will be provided to the student prior to the event, and will be required for the guests to enter the stadium.

The tickets will indicate which stadium gate family groups will enter.  “Black” tickets will enter the west gate and park in the home parking lot (from Elm St.).  “Gold” tickets will enter the east gate and park in the main high school parking lot (from Texas St.).

Family groups of guests need to arrive together and enter the stadium together.  As groups arrive at the gate, please stay 6 feet apart as marked on the pavement
There will be a health screening at the gate for guests. This screening will be conducted by licensed nurses and will check for the following symptoms:
    ∙       Cough
    ∙       Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    ∙       Chills
    ∙       Repeated shaking with chills
    ∙       Muscle pain
    ∙       Headache
    ∙       Sore throat
    ∙       Loss of taste or smell
    ∙       Diarrhea
    ∙       Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit
    ∙       Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19 if exposure to the active confirmed case occurred within the last 14 days.
Those found with any of these signs or symptoms must be excluded from the activity.

We ask all our guests to: 
    ∙ remain in your seats until you are dismissed by an usher at the end of the ceremony.  This will help everyone comply with the guidelines to keep our special night safe.
    ∙ keep at least six feet between you and other family groups throughout all the evening’s activities
    ∙ When you leave, you will need to exit the stadium on the side you entered.
    ∙ We respectfully request that all our visitors wear a mask in the stadium.

The stands will have designated areas where groups of up to four may sit.  Guests need to sit as a group in one of the marked areas, and will not be allowed to traverse from one side of the stadium to the other.

An usher will be present in each aisle to direct family groups to unoccupied seating areas and to dismiss the rows of guests at the end of the graduation.

Stadium info:
Restrooms at the band concession stands will be open for guests with a gold ticket.
Restrooms under the home side stands will be open for guests with a black ticket..
Graduation programs will be located on each health screening table.  Inside the program will be an insert, reminding guests to follow requested guidelines and safety practices.

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